Telling stories is my passion – as a film director and as a photographer.

Stories are, after all, part of the essence of human life since the beginning of our history.

They are the glue that holds societies together, the mould that shapes or the hammer that shatters.

They give identity, motivation and meaning. They can explain, and they can change things.

Finding stories that inspire and „translating“ them into pictures and sounds is a challenge I love and enjoy every day.


In Progress As Writer, Director and Photographer

Universum History: Kreta (Arbeitstitel)

Universum History: Empress Leopoldina (Arbeitstitel)

The Citizen Game, documentary

Universum History: Hallstatt (Arbeitstitel)

Katastrophenselfies, photo project

Writer and Director (Excerpts)


„Aufgetischt: Linz“, 48´, documentary, ORF

„Aufgetischt: Thayatal“, 48´, documentary, ORF

„Aufgetischt: Klagenfurt“, 48´, documentary, ORF



„Universum History: Wien – Geschichte aus der Vorstadt“,  48´, documentary, ORF

„Aufgetischt: Winter in der Wachau“, 48´, documentary, ORF

„Aufgetischt: Musik, Musik“, 48´, documentary, ORF

„Aufgetischt: Das Piestingtal“, 48´, documentary, ORF



“Aufgetischt im Nibelungengau“, 48´, documentary, ORF

“Österreich rüstet auf”, 45´, documentary, Servus TV

“Aufgetischt im Tennengau“, 48´, documentary, ORF



“Weltweit zu Hause”, 30´, pilot, Servus TV

“Heimat 2.0”, 47´, documentary, Servus TV

“Aufgetischt in Innsbruck“, 48´, documentary, ORF

image clips for BIPA



“LiteraTOUR: Hugo Portisch”, 25´, documentary, Servus TV

“Aufgetischt am Spielberg“, 48´, documentary, ORF

“Die Schattenstadt“, 50´, documentary, Servus TV

“Matching Champions – India“, 2 x 17´, Red Bull TV

image clips for H&M, Bipa, L´Oréal and Der Börsianer



image clip “We are H&M”

“Aufgetischt mit der steirischen Tafelrunde”, 42´, documentary, ORF

“LiteraTOUR Special: Frankfurter Buchmesse”, 50´, documentary, Servus TV

“LiteraTOUR: Die Frau, die die Korsette sprengte”, 25´, documentary, Servus TV

“Spitzenköche im Ikarus“, 6 episodes, 25´, Servus TV



“Der Nassereither Schellerlauf“, 25´, documentary, Servus TV

“Die Entführung aus dem Serail“, 25´, making-of, Servus TV

“Guten Morgen im Wald”, series, Servus TV


before 2012

“Srebrenica – die Heimkehr der Toten“, 45´, documentary, ORF, 3Sat & BR

“Narrenfreiheit“, documentary, 25´, BR

“Zeitlos”, 99firefilms, Berlinale


2007–2012 ORF, Vienna – producer, director, format development

“Hyundai Kabarett – Tage“ (Season 1) – producer, director (signation)

“Erlesen“ – development, pilot, setdesign, director (live)

“Das ganze Interview“ – pilot, director (signation)

“Aus dem Rahmen“ – development, pilot, producer, director (signation)

“Kunstgeschichten“ – producer, director (pilot)

“Kultur im Gespräch“ – producer

“Heute in Österreich“, “Bürgerforum“ and “Sommerzeit“ – short clips

Photographer (Excerpts)


„Faces in Prayer“, exhibition, Weltmuseum Vienna



„Faces in Prayer“, exhibition, Graz



„Faces in Prayer“, exhibition, Jerusalem



Great God! This is an awful place and terrible enough for us to have laboured to it without the reward of priority.

Robert Falcon Scott

Faces in Prayer

31 portraits of people communicating with God. Christians, Muslims, Jews, Hindus, Sikhs and Buddhists – no labels, but the faces of individuals, lit by the beauty of spiritual dialogue.